Jiaying from China

Trained as an urban planner in Shanghai Tongji Univeristy, Jiaying is currently pursuing her PhD as a scholarship holder at Dresden Leibniz Graduate School. She gradually entered the fields of political science and sociology while writing her dissertation on policy interactions of Healthy City program in Shanghai.

Her peace slam deals with several questions about identity issue in a multicultural environment, starting simply from her name, which often causes a lot of confusions since she moved to Germany three years ago. Stereotypes about people from a certain place, at a certain age, with a certain gender all contributed to the mess of questions she encountered with once in a while.

By sharing her own experience, she encourages everyone to accept different facades of their identity and get to know others from who they really are, respect them despite of their origins. Eventually, as the Chinese poem says: home is where the heart settles. With a peaceful mind, we can live peacefully together wherever we are.


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