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Peace Slam at Palais Sommer on 6 August 2018

Our slammers definitely had the best view on so many interested people sitting on the lawn, with a wonderful panoramic view on Dresden’s old town and this wonderful warm evening sun. This Peace Slam at Palais Sommer Dresden was one of our best events so far – the setting is marvelous, the audience relaxed and the dissemination of our messages is just spectacular. More than 700 people experienced an evening with 6 slammers from India, Pakistan, Serbia and Iran and topics from a childhood in the war to inner peace, from water conflicts to Indian-Pakistani friendships.

We are very grateful for all the feedback we got after the show and everyone getting in touch as for new ideas or cooperations.

The next Peace Slam will be on 1 September at Kraftwerk Mitte Sommerfest starting 3.30 p.m. – come and share!

„Die Studenten des Peace Slam beim Palais Sommer waren sehr authentisch und haben ihre ganz persönlichen Sichtweisen mit einem großen Publikum geteilt. Eine sehr schöne Erfahrung für mich.“ (Jörg Polenz, Geschäftsführer Palais Sommer)

Watch the Sachsen-Fernsehen report on the event on 6 August 2018 here:

All photos taken by Jiaying – thank you so much for sharing them with us!

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